Considering Mentoring?

Ask any of our mentors about their mentorship and more often than not, they'll sum up it up in one word...




They don't get paid and there are no perks to speak of; they simply mentor out of the goodness of their hearts.  


However, they will also most likely tell you that while they are giving back, they are getting back


Mentoring is a relationship that is mutually reciprocal.  Although mentors are there to support, encourage, guide, and listen to their Kinskid, they learn and experience friendship from them as well.  


Mentoring keeps you young, in tune with youth, and keeps one growing as a learner.  It's not for everybody, but everybody who mentors might disagree.  Those who mentor know that mentoring matters.  It changes lives-one friendship at a time.


Contact Kinship Youth Mentoring of Princeton if you are considering mentoring.