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Meet Rich, one of our Reading Buddies and a supporter of Kinship


Betty and Shay

"I like being a mentor because I am an empty nester and I miss having my girls.  Mentoring gives me a chance to be a surrogate mom to someone and we do things like shopping, movies, baking, hiking and such.  I try to be a positive role model in my kinship kid's life and someone to talk to outside the family that she can trust."

Matched February 21, 2017

Lynn and Divinity

"This is a photo of me and my kinskid, Divinity! She is the coolest kid! She inspires me to think deeper, to have fun, to walk in nature, and to eat chocolate together. We have had so much fun the last three years and I can't imagine NOT being her mentor. I've told her I'll mentor her until she doesn't want me anymore, and then I'll be her friend! We've made a lifelong connection inspired by Kinship!"

Matched: June 8, 2016

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