"I like being a mentor because I am an empty nester and I miss having my girls.  Mentoring gives me a chance to be a surrogate mom to someone and we do things like shopping, movies, baking, hiking and such.  I try to be a positive role model in my kinship kid's life and someone to talk to outside the family that she can trust."

Steve, Joan, and Hunter

"Kinship has been an important part of our life. My husband and I mentor a young man that is polite, responsible, very smart. It wasn't always  

like that. Being a mentor for this young man has changed his life around. He doesn't carry the anger and frustration around that he did prior. He now has two friends that listen, care, and we all do things together.  He has given as much to us as we have given to him. We do things we probably wouldn't otherwise go out and do. He keeps us active, outgoing and engaged in living life. This contributes to our health at our age. We are proud to be a part of this program."

Lynn and Divinity

"This is a photo of me and my kinskid, Divinity!  She is a the coolest kid! She inspires me to think deeper, to have fun, to walk in nature and to eat chocolate together!  We have had so much fun the last three years, and I can't imagine NOT being her mentor.  I've told her I'll mentor her until she does not want me anymore, and then I'll be her friend!  We've made a lifelong connection, inspired by Kinship! Thank you!"