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sasquatch alert!


Rumors of Sasquatch sightings have been made in Princeton, MN...

don't panic! kinship is on it!

This Sasquatch family is on the loose all throughout Princeton thinking they're the bosses of the town! They trample through various yards of businesses and residences with no regard for anyone!


They. Are. Shameless.


Here at Kinship, we've taken it upon ourselves to remove those pesky Sasquatches from your yard. They don't mean you any harm, but they can get pretty mischievous. There are reports of them getting into the garbage, chasing around pets, and even TP-ing houses!

Don't worry friends...Kinship is here to save the day!


We take the hassle out of hustling them on their way so you don't have to. Just call us at 763.220.5326, message us on FB, or email us at if you want them off your property! We'll be happy to pick them up and send them on their way.

We're so generous, we'll even send them to someone else's yard to bug if you're so inclined to donate to the Kinship cause! Perhaps you'd like to "share the love" with your favorite business or neighbor by giving them a little "Sasquatching"! Simply contact us here at Kinship, give us the name and location of someone you'd like to "Sasquatch", and donate on our website or send us a check to 604 South 3rd Street #151 Princeton, MN 55371. We accept any donation amount!  

(Suggested donation $40.) 

Please email for "Sasquatched" fillable form to be sent to you to sasquatch a friend or business!

Let's have some fun, Princeton! 

WHERE will the next Sasquatch sighting be?


WHO will be Sasquatched next?

​Keep your eyes open and watch for Sasquatch!

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