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Kinship Youth Mentoring of Princeton has been embraced in our community for over 20 years. Throughout these years, the lives of youth have been impacted in positive ways that are seen and unseen. Sometimes these seed-planting mentorships yield a notable harvest in the behaviors, attitudes, and actions of our youth. Other times, the harvest grows a little slower than we'd like, yet maturity and growth cannot be measured by tangible means. It's caught in observing interactions and connections between mentor and Kinskid throughout their mentorship. After all, mentoring isn't designed to be an attitude-adjuster or behavior modification plan, it's simply a relationship of encouragement, support and guidance in the life of a young person. Positive role-modeling by our mentors and building trust more often than not leads to a youth feeling safe, cared for, and confident.

Thank you for your donation to Kinship! We appreciate your generosity and support as we continue to provide safe, quality mentorships and improve the lives of youth in our community.

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Donation Receipts

Please email Kinship at to receive a donation receipt for your records. Thank you!

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