Kinship Youth Mentoring of Princeton will be celebrating our twenty year anniversary coming up this Fall!  We are appreciative and thankful for the support Kinship has received from our community.  Princeton's businesses, churches, civic organizations, and community friends have embraced our organization and helped us help youth.

Throughout 2020, Kinship will be making personal visits to various businesses, churches, and civic organizations to present and promote our 20 Sponsors in 2020 Campaign.  It is our hope that we will make make more connections and expose this amazing organization to as many people as possible.  Our goal looms above us as we seek to gain 20 sponsors who will support Kinship throughout 2020.

If you are interested in being a sponsor or would like to know more about what's happening at Kinship and how it's improving the lives of our youth, please call the Kinship office.  Please consider  partnering with us as we transform our community through the power of mentoring!