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Youth Mentoring of Princeton

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Kinship Youth Mentoring of Princeton's Mission:

To provide safe, quality mentor relationships and improving the lives of youth in our community. 

The History of Kinship

Kinship Youth Mentoring of Princeton was established in July 2000.  After an eye-opening  survey given by The Community Health Advisory Committee to the youth in our community, it revealed problem areas within our community in meeting the needs of our youth. 


In December of 1999, the committee came to a consensus that one of the best resources we could offer the youth in Princeton to meet the needs indicated in the survey would be a mentoring program.  The committee looked at mentoring programs in other communities and in February they began to look into the Kinship Mentoring Program.

In March of 2000, Healthy Communities Healthy Youth expanded its committee to include more of a cross section of expertise from our community to help get the program started. 


Today, through the help of our mentors and volunteers, Kinship has remained a steady and effective solution to helping improve the lives of our youth.  Through quality and dedicated mentorships, we are seeing kids' lives being changed one friendship at a time.

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